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Pavement Exchange Group is a national, full-service asphalt and concrete paving facilitator. With more than 1200 trusted contractors in our database, PEG specializes in project management and ADA compliance for commercial properties. Seamless communication and collaboration between the client and the contractor deliver on-site expertise for every project.

Strong Values

We stand behind our values which center on Purpose, Proactivity, and Passion to be your invaluable partner. Our goal is to strengthen the commercial paving industry with integrity, communication, and transparency.

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Safety & ADA Compliance

Protect your business and customers with Pavement Exchange’s expertise. Our Project Managers are certified on the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) and take a proactive approach regarding compliance issues.

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Quality Service

We are a service-focused business specializing in commercial pavement. With over 1200 contractors in our database, we can enlist an expert team to complete any pavement job.

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Core Values Core Values

Core values remind us of what we strive to achieve. And how we want to reach our strategic goals. Identifying these core principles helps us make the right choices for our business and our clients.

  • Understand what the customer wants.
  • Have an unwavering commitment to quality.
  • Be a fanatic about response time.
  • Always act for the greater good of the team.
  • Communicate transparently with unwavering candor and respect.
  • Practice blameless problem-solving.
  • Assure positive intent when resolving issues, challenges, and seeking solutions.

ADA Compliance ADA Compliance

American Disabilities Act

ADA compliance begins in a building’s parking lot. Certified PEG project managers conduct thorough evaluations of your property to ensure all ADA requirements. This helps your company avoid costly litigation and provides equal access and opportunity for all.

Title III of ADA prohibits discrimination based on disabilities in public accommodation places and commercial facilities, and most restaurants and shopping centers fall under this category.

Click below for more information on our ADA services.

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Our customers
say it best

MACERICH Tyson’s Corner Center Senior Manager of Operations

“Everyone loves the attention to details that PEG implemented on the project specifications and PEG’s supervision during construction made the work very easy to manage from the property management perspective.”

Longhorn Steakhouse Director of Facilities

“Outstanding attention to detail on every proposal and job as well as their “over the top” customer service has made them a “go-to” vendor partner for myself and my entire team.”

Yum Restaurant Group Jeff Lincoln

“Thank you for the daily summaries throughout the paving project… you hit it out of the park! PEG is truly a valued partner.”

JBL Asset Management Property Manager

“Second to none with the ability to address any paving issue. Unmatched professionalism, beyond efficient… every member of Pavement Exchange is responsive.”

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